“War stories are all too often exclusive to the memoirs of former officers. It’s especially worthwhile to read a story that chronicles the hardships of combat through the eyes of a common soldier with an uncommon keenness for observation and detail.”

Sen. Bob Dole
Decorated war hero, author of “One Soldier’s Story.”

December 16, 1944 - Belgium

"We were bunked down in a little bombed out factory. I noticed to the southeast flashes of light against the low lying clouds and heard a sound like distant thunder. We had heard sporadic artillery before, but this was different. I mentioned to the sergeant of the guard what I had observed. We assumed it was the beginning of our last offensive to the Elbe River, which was to become the dividing line between the Americans and the Russians, but we were wrong ...

December 21, 1944 - Holland

Dear Laurie,

. . . I guess the front doesn’t reveal much good news for the Allies at the present. Rather lucky for us, we moved out of Belgium. I’m still with the 9th Army and probably will remain that way. No doubt you are hearing more news of the war than we. When I think about it, you’ll probably receive my letters from Belgium at the same time you hear of the German offensive. I know you are worrying about me, but I made a promise to you and I’m sure I will keep it.

Love, Bob

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